I was born and grew up in the magnificent St. Petersburg (Russia), which is filled with beauty and art. I began to be interested in photography as a child when my father(family photographer) printed pictures in the bathroom in a mysterious red half-light. For me, it was like magic and still remains. After. When I grew up, I studied, and spent my free time in museums and theaters, visited a variety of exhibitions and thought that I love it all and also really wanted to create. And I took a camera in my hands. It was love at first sight and now photography is my passion. You know When you living in such a city as St.Petersburg is simply impossible not to start making art. And Yes I consider photography a

In the desire to make more artistic and emotional pictures, I studied a lot, attended various master classes of amazing photographers, read a lot of different literature and of course a lot of practice. It was a long way for me and I still not finishing. Because there is no limit to perfection. I think it is very important for the photographer, especially for those who are engaged in wedding photography. Because it’s a unique day.
I’ve traveled a lot, but now I live in beautiful Montreal. There are a beautiful light, charming architecture and absolutely unimaginable nature. There are so many wonderful places for, and it does not matter whether it is a wedding photography or just a sincere family photography.